BlastCharttm charting software combines an easy to use visual interface with powerful stock market charting capabilities. Read about the various features of each edition below.

BlastChart Lite

  • Are you currently making less than 50 trades per month?
  • Do you trade options or covered calls and need quick access to research?
  • Do you swing trade stocks or options around 3 days to 3 weeks?
  • Do you want a tool that is easy to use while over delivering on all of the features needed for analysing, researching and tracking stocks?

BlastChart Lite edition is the product of choice for smart investors who aren't full time traders. 

It has all of the tools and features required to research, chart and analyse your favorite stocks quickly and effeciently! Buy a package today and you'll receive 5 years of free EOD historical data plus you can choose which exchanges you want to receive ongoing historical EOD data for.

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$9.95/Mth or $99/Yr (USD)

BlastChart UltraLite

  • Here's your chance to get a feel of what charting software can really do.
  • Experience the benefits of technical charting software absolutely FREE?

BlastChart UltraLite gives you a no risk free introduction to basic charting and drawing.

Simply register, download and install and you’re away. You don’t even need a credit card because it comes with one year of rolling historical data - it never runs out! Look at trends, draw line studies, try different indicator parameters and do all of the charting you want absolutely FREE.

When you're ready to get serious, take up the amazing value of BlastChart Lite listed above – it comes with even more features and a truck load of data for only 99 bucks!

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BlastChart Advance

More features, more data, more support!

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