Aroon Oscillator



Aroon Oscillator is derived from the Aroon Indicator. A full explanation of the Aroon is provided on the Aroon Indicator page.

The Aroon indicator, developed by Tushar Chande in 1995,  can help traders determine when a market is up trending, down trending, or is in a trendless market. Once you are able to figure out what the market conditions are, then choosing the right indicator to use becomes much easier.

Chande extended the Aroon Indicator with the development of the Aroon oscillator. The Aroon oscillator is simply plots the difference between the Aroon-up and the Aroon-down lines. This may be easier for some traders to read then the original Aroon indicator.

BlastChart technical trading software charts supports both the indicator and the oscillator.

The oscillator is plotted between -100 and 100. The centre line at zero is the major signal line that determines the strength of the trend. The higher the value is above the centre line, the stronger the uptrend. Conversely, the lower the oscillator line is below from the centre line the stronger downtrend. Click here to go to the Aroon Indicator page.