The BlastChart stock charting tool was developed by active stock and options traders from The Wizard Trader Pty. Ltd. As learners back in the early days, we were eager to make money trading stocks. We had done the training, completed the courses and were looking for the right charting tool. We experimented with many different charting tools and found they were either too expensive or too complicated to use. We wanted to spend less time using complicated systems and more time making money, not wasting it! We wanted a tool that was simple and intuitive, provided detailed help and support and gave us all the features and researching capabilities that are necessary for effective stock charting.

That's why we created BlastChart and now we want to share it with you. A robust, fully featured charting tool that meets your trading needs and won't break the bank! BlastChart is designed for smart investors like us who aren’t full-time stock traders. It features powerful data automation, technical analysis tools, smart internet browsing for quick research, 60+ indicators and 10 unique chart styles, line studies, custom watchlists/favorites, smart inline context sensitive help and so much more!

We use BlastChart everyday to research and analyse our stocks and we hope you will also.