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Stock Charting Tools Don't Need To Be Complicated!

Developed by active share and option traders, BlastChart™ is the missing piece in the trading puzzle.


If you’re a casual investor, swing trader or learner, you’ll soon discover that the majority of stock market charting tools are designed for professional traders, brokers and day traders – people who trade all day, every day. And because of this, most charting packages are overly complicated, overwhelming and can easily cause ‘unforced errors’ on your part…. and errors made when you’re trading will no doubt cost you money!

For most learners and casual investors, keeping it simple can greatly enhance your results and even improve your enjoyment of trading stocks on the market. Swing trading and end of day trading is ideal for casual investors, learners and people who want lifestyle and great rewards. It’s why we developed BlastChart™.

Simple to use, easy to master, lifestyle oriented.

  • If you are just starting out and are eager to learn how you could make a steady income or build a nest egg for your future...
  • If you want a Charting Tool that helps you learn as you trade, a charting tool designed especially for learners, casual investors, swing traders and researchers...
  • If you have paid out a hefty fee for a training course only to discover you also need expensive charting tools, a data subscription and more...
  • If you are looking for FREE trading tips, stock editorial or even trade ideas...


BlastChart™ could be the perfect stock charting tool for you!

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